Let Your Skin Drink Up

Tired of your skin constantly being dry? If you have sensitive skin or combination skin ( T-zone oily), try out some of my recommendations:

mois copy1. Biotherm-AQUASOURCE for normal and combination skin (Green)

Used it for more than 5 years. I am not a creamy texture lover so I love this light gel texture moisturizer. Personally I think this can be used all year around, day and night (unless you are in a very dry place). It won’t make your skin greasy or oily. It absorbs well and leaves your skin very soft and smooth. I would sometime put on couple layers before bed to make a sleeping mask.

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My Facial Cleanser Collection

Fall is coming soon, having an effective and hydrating cleanser would be the key to keep your skin moisturize.


1. skyn Iceland-Glacial Face Wash with Biospheric Complex

I started to use this cleanser around June. I was attracted by it is for “stressed skin” and decide to buy it within seconds. Of course, I have also read some reviews and decided that it was worth a try. I love it a lot. I use it twice daily until I bought this new cleanser for mornings (I’ll introduce it later). I like the texture and the foaming is great plus you won’t feel dry afterwards. I have finished up two Skyn cleansers already!!! It’s great for sensitive skin with some acne here and there. I was suffered with acne problems in spring, after using this I realize that my skin  gets much better with less breakout problems. (Of course along with other skin care product I used ) Highly recommend!

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