Coco Chanel and The Stories Behind It

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Once upon a time, there was a girl named Gabrielle…

Inside Chanel use 9 short films outline Coco Chanel’s life stories and the myth behind the brand. From the creation of No. 5 Chanel perfume in 1921 to its long lasting success in the perfume world, from a little girl to a legend in the fashion world, the idea of creating a easy moving womenwear to the never go out of style Chanel jacket…

Once upon a time, there was Chanel…



Rudy Ricciotti, le MuCEM & Marseilles

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Marseilles is a beautiful port city in Southern France. Spent a whole day there visiting different monuments, churches and museum. Le MuCEM is a special modern museum that has parts connecting to an old monument. It stands out among  all these surrounding historic architectures.   It’s kinda like the glass pyramid in Le Louvre. It looks awkward and weird at first, but then you find it blend in well with everything. I’m a big fan of modern architectures and is more excited to take a look at this unique museum then what’s actually in it.

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