Inspiration, TRAVEL



As the end of the year is approaching, NYC is becoming festive. The Fifth avenue is filled with tourists, and department stores are over-the-top decorated. This year we are going to spend our holidays overseas. During our Thanksgiving break, We will embark on a short trip to Asia. We’ll be visiting Siem Reap, Bangkok, then a long layover in Taiwan. For winter holidays, we’ll celebrate Christmas with my husband’s family in Serbia, then a short stay in Budapest, end the trip with NYE in London. We are planning to visit a Bath, Stonehenge, and the Windsor Castle during our time in London. Hopefully we can fit them into our schedule, as we’ll also have a couple of friends to meet up while we’re there, a week doesn’t really seem to be enough.

To sum up this year’s themes and what I’ve learnt so far with three words, I’d say nature, finance, and adventure. This year I’ve tried things that sparked my little adventure bug. Reminded of my middle school years in Australia, when once a year we would go hiking and camping for a week in the mountains, and do adventurous activities such as rafting, rock climbing etc. Since then, I hadn’t really been getting in touch with my adventure spirit. This summer my husband and I tried kayaking in rough sea while in Dubrovnik (we didn’t intend it to be rough, but that day was unexpectedly windy,) and jumping into the ocean from a mini cliff. For next year I’d like to experience more nature and adventures during my travels. I have a couple cool destinations in mind 🙂

What are your winter holiday plans?




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