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Recent Updates (March- June)


Most exciting news I would like to share: I start going to to the GYM !!! Hesitated for a while, but I am glad I finally made the decision.  Gym training definitely has its own kind of addiction. My current plan is to hit the gym three times a week: two team training session and one fitness session on my own.


Brenda & Thomas’ wedding in Beijing

Even though I have only started for three weeks, I experience quite a change in my life. First is my energy level, I felt extremely exhausted usually after a long day of work, but exercise helps to prolong the energy and makes you easier to concentrate on whatever you are doing.



A wall of paintings inside old Krakow town

Went on two weekends trips ( Krakow, Poland & Brussels reunion), one so-called world tour (Shanghai, Beijing, Seattle & New York) and attended two weddings.


St. Catherine, Brussels

The Krakow trip was quite heavy and filled with many history lessons. Despite the influx of emotion you might encounter once you were there, I would still recommend people to go visit. Some places like this are worth visiting for once in your lifetime.  Walking on the abandoned railway track at Auschwitz II-Birkenau, thinking of victims that were sent here 70 years ago without a clue of what they are about to face, none of the words like gloomy, angry, terrified could describe what I felt at that moment, perhaps the closest connection I ever had with one of the greatest tragedy in human history.


Railway track at Auschwitz II-Birkenau


Visited the cellar of G.H.MUMM Champagne at Reims


One year older, one year wiser

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Newlywed -Mr & Mrs. Huang at Newcastle golf course, WA

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Afternoon tea at Baccarat Hotel, reunited with M

Sleep no more, an interactive play I watched while I was in New York. A five-story hotel, a bunch of actors running around, the “Macbeth” story was played three times during three hours of the play, it wasn’t easy to follow if you didn’t start at the right place. But I guess that’s why people would watch it multiple times to grasp the whole story. I liked it, my tips is to do some homework ( at least go skim through Macbeth SparkNotes) before you go.


Paris skyline, view from Le 43 Up On The Roof


Parc de Sceaux

I think I have just found my 2nd favorite souffé in the world ( my most favorite souffé is the white chocolate raspberry one from The Georgian in Seattle). It is the Soufflé aux fruits de la passion from Effiel 20. Their dinner course set was also amazing:  the portion, the taste, and every little details were just at the perfect point.

My main dish at Effiel 20

Soufflé aux fruits de la passion

Off to Toulouse for the Weekend! Stay tuned for more news from my trip.




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