Birthday, Mid-Year & Summer Vacay


Happy Birthday

As much I miss the carefree ages of my school years, I’ve learned to appreciate the beauty of aging. I’ve just turned 26 this month. Some might look at it as a year closer to being 30, but I see 26 as an attractive age for women. As we can no longer treat our skin the way we did in the early 20s (leave make-up on over night…,) or pull an all-nighter without feeling and looking like crap, it’s definitely an age for us to reflect and revamp. REFLECT: Beyond all, the most valuable thing I’ve learned about life is that gratitude is the key to happiness. REVAMP: Think of ways to take care of our body and soul, practice meditation and self love, do good and try new looks.


A Pretty Good Year

As usual, this year has gone by so fast. Can’t believe it’s already summer. We have been having amazing weather in NYC these couple of weeks 🙂 I have been trying new restaurants and cuisines, but at the same time trying to get in shape for the summer. Despite the Mercury retrogrades we have had so far, 2017 has been pretty awesome. I enjoy the simplicity of my daily schedule, my trips to Taiwan and Tokyo with my loved ones, books I’ve read, and new recipes I’ve learned.



Mediterranean Summer

I am leaving in a couple of days for our summer vacation. It’s been my dream to be visit  Capri ever since I came across a magazine article about it when I was in high school. As much as I’ve traveled in Europe, I’ve never had a chance to visit Capri. But I believe everything happens for a reason, as my first time in Capri will be a magical one with my husband on our first wedding anniversary. I will also be traveling to other parts of the Mediterranean such as the Amalfi coast, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece…etc, which I will give more updates in upcoming posts. I still need to finish packing and make sure I get my nails done lol

I hope all of you have a safe and enjoyable summer! Stay tuned for more exciting blog posts from us.





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