LIFESTLYE, Monthly Favorites

March Favorites 2017

  1. Urban Decay- Naked 3 Palette


I was never a big eye shadow person before I came across this palette. I’m just not good at applying it, and with my usual eye make-up look, adding colors on my eye lids just always seems to be too much.  Naked 3 palette is totally a game changer for me. The colors are neutral yet glamorous. It’s pigmented and long lasting (I wear Too Faced Shadow Insurance beforehand.) I like how versatile the palette is, and how easy I could layer the colors without messing up the make-up. I literally love and use all the colors.

2.Weekday Breakfast Outings


Ever since the weather has gotten warmer and nicer in NYC, we have been switching up our weekday morning routine. There are new cafes and restaurants on Upper East Side that serve a variety of healthy breakfast. I must say being an early bird can really set a good start for my day. We go for breakfast once or twice during the weekday before work, I’d go to the gym afterwards. When I start my day like this, I feel energetic and fresh throughout the whole day.

3. Board Games


My husband and I always have so much fun playing board games on our weekend nights in.  We love a couple intense rounds of monopoly. Recently we have been playing Uno, it reminds me of my boarding school days. During my boarding school years, board games were the best for socializing and entertainment, we didn’t have iPhones. Sometimes I really miss the days without a smart phone.

4. Lion The Movie


This is such a powerful movie that literally made me cried so much. I really liked the child actor, Sunny Pawar and the main actor of the film, Dev Patel. They did a great job in making a connection between the characters and the audience. The story itself is one that one won’t forget.



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