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January Favorites 2017 II

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As you could see, we are slowly back on track on our blog posts. First of all, happy Chinese New Year of the rooster   ( It started on January 28th this year) ! Wish you all a wonderful year! I had a nice late night Szechuan style hot pot at my friend’s place on the new year eve and a Korean style hotpot dinner for the following day. As long as my stomach is filled with good food, I’m always happy 🙂

Speaking on food, the first two favorites  are some what related to it.

1. Monbento

I absolutely love this bento box, the style and the color.  It’s adorable. After knowing bringing lunch to work is an option i went on a search for bento boxes. I was torn between different options and finally decided to go with Monbento. I had friend who already using it, also gave out positive comments. It is light and practical, BPA free, and can be used in microwave and dishwasher. The only flaw i would say its the lid covers too tightly and sometimes it’s a bit hard to open. Having a pretty lunch box definitely upgrade your work lunch eating experience.

You can follow me on instagram :  for my everyday meal.

2. Japanese sesame sauce

Bought this to eat with my soft tofu, and turn out that this is a magical sauce/dressing you could use on asparagus, salad , wood-ear and lots of another vegetable dishes.

fullsizerender-223. Durance Sachet Parfume -Cedar

Discovered this during my day cream hunt in Durance, you can hang it with the hanger inside your wardrobe. It gives your clothes a soft perfume smell. If you don’t wear strong perfume daily or not at all, this is something good to have. For winter, I would recommend the cedar scent.

(Image : huffington post)

4. I’m judging you- The do-better manual 

My first Audio book through Amazon, it’s quite an interesting read, especially by listening to it. In fact, the author Luvvie Ajayi herself did the audio version, so by listening you could sense her tone. A lot of points that she mentioned in her book are quite obvious, but hearing from other people’s mouth makes a real difference. We always thought the being the same is equal. However,after reading Pretending everything is the same and not acknowledge the differences is not being faire, it is pure neglect.

5. Restaurant Derriere

My colleague discovered this place, a hipster  kinda trendy restaurant. There’s not too much of restaurant like this in Paris. There’s a little courtyard garden, Im sure it would be nice to dine out here during summer. Upon entering the restaurant, you would immediately find a ping pong table in front of you. The restaurant is decorated as if it is someone’s appartement. The dining area that we were at has a huge bed ( as you could see from the image above). What really amazes me is the “smoking room”: located down the hallway inside the closet like Narnia. The room is decorated with things from the 60s/70s. Go find out yourself at the restaurant !

The bar next door ( from the same group) -Andy Wahloo has also nice cocktails ($$)


Lala Land
bonus1(Image :

I’m sure many people has recommended this film ! I love the music as well. The story is kind of cheesy but still beautiful.  There is one scene keeps sticking in my head : Mia was heading out Sebastian’s bar with her husband, she paused, turn around and looked at Sebastian,who’s playing on the stage. He responded with a node and smile. I wish it just freeze at that moment. Although they were no longer together, they are happy for each other from the bottom of the heart when knowing both achieve their dreams.

Oops..too much spoiler

Collateral Beauty
(Image :

I cried while watching this movie ( can’t help when its about family, love and etc). It gets you think about love, time and death, things that are important in your life.

So much for this post, stay tuned for the next one,



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