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January Favorites 2017


  1. Beauty/Skin Care Favorites: Trish McEvoy + Aēsop

[Trish McEvoy]

Winter skin care is all about hydration and this rule also applies to beauty products. Before I invested $58 +tax in Trish McEvoy’s ‘Even Skin®‘ Water Foundation, I was using a high coverage liquid foundation which I was happy with throughout the summer but it left me with dry skin as soon as winter approached.

In December I decided to give it a try. This light serum like foundation impresses me with its matte coverage and high hydration level. It gave me a flawless long lasting look while I was out exploring Tokyo. Note that the weather in Tokyo was cold and even dryer than New York.


In Autumn, I tried to minimize the number of my daily routine skin care products. I thought by not using a toner, my skin wouldn’t notice the change, but gee I couldn’t be more wrong. I felt as if my skin wouldn’t absorb the moisturizer and serum properly, my skin became dry and dull.

I’d always wanted to try Aēsop and decided to go with their B & Tea Balancing toner. I really like the scent and how it softens and hydrates the skin before the usual skin care routine. I highly recommend it.

2. Relaxing Home Favorites: Muji fav


I got this ultrasonic aroma diffuser as a gift from my mom. It is hands down the best gift one could get. Not only it’s a diffuser, it’s also a humidifier and a lamp. It is the first thing we turn on in the morning, both the light and the diffuser. It slowly wakes you up with its warm light tone as opposed to the harsh bright room light. It really sets a tone for a relaxing home living.

My favorite essential oil is bergamot. I also like the ‘sleeping’ and ‘morning’ blend that I got in Tokyo recently.

3. Bathing Essential Favorites: Marks & Web + Illume Candle


[Marks & Web]

I was thrilled to have found this skincare brand whilst I was in Tokyo a couple of weeks ago. The store’s calming minimalist design first caught my eye, and I was even more excited when I found out that their products are made with natural and mild ingredients.

Of course, I bought a bunch of skincare stuff from them. So far I’ve only tried their ‘Herbal Bath Powder’ in lavender scent. I particularly like the note of the scent (different brands have a different lavender scent,) and it also leaves my skin soft and prepped for lotion or body cream after the bath. I must say it is certainly one of my favorite bath powder/salt products out there.


I like to switch off the bathroom lights while I’m taking a bath. My muscles can relax while I listen to my favorite music. I’d also light a candle and let the dim light set the atmosphere.

Currently, I am loving the Boulangerie Oatmeal Cookie candle that I got as a Christmas present. The scent is wintery, festive, and delicious. It makes your house smelling like a bakery but not overpowering. If you can get your hands on this collection from Illume, you must try this one out!

What are your winter or January favorites?




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