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Happy New Year & Life Update


First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS! For most of you who celebrate the solar calendar(Gregorian calendar) new year, it’s already 12 days into 2017. For those who celebrate Chinese lunar new year, NYE will be on January 27, which is super exciting. I hope the new year is treating you great so far 🙂

This year we celebrated NYE in Tokyo, Japan. During the day we went to Shibuya, it was crowded as usual, at night we went to Aman Tokyo for an elegant dinner celebration with a stunning night view of Tokyo. It was a serene and unforgettable night.


2016 was an exciting and eventful year. 3 words to sum up the year: veganism, minimalism, and weddings. It was definitely a year of learning and self-improvement. Being a newlywed and wifey unquestionably requires a ton of effort and learning, I certainly am proud of what we’ve achieved so far. I also decided to do plant-based diet permanently for a majority of the time (in rare rare rare occasions I’d have vegetarian or seafood (not fish,) if vegan isn’t an option.) I have also taken on a more minimalist approach toward life and mindset, but it’s still a work in progress. As someone who is constantly intrigued by unconventional ideas, new things and changes, last year was undoubtedly a fun impactful one.

Can we talk about 2017? Celebrating NYE in Tokyo was the best decision, not only the weather was mild, the sales and fukubukuro (福袋 or lucky bag) were lovely. I also liked our visits to the shrines during the Japanese new year period as the festive atmosphere was filled with positive energy. I have always been a believer in the universe and cosmic energy. Especially this year, I felt as if the whole energy had shifted (for the better) as soon as the clock struck 12.

This year we have already planned trips to incredible destinations which we are looking forward to. I have some goals and aspirations which are equally exciting… per usual I would like to remain humble and grateful.

Hope you are having a safe and pleasant new year!









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