Monthly Favorites

November/December Favorites 2016


It’s been awhile where I was super busy about settling things down. The past November and the first half of December has been good, except I caught a cold again. I am relying on my medicine, water, Vitamin C, cough relief candies and sleep these days. Had many great experiences and purchases in the past 1.5 months, below is a top 7 favorites ( not in any particular order) I would like to share with you all :
1. Notre Dame de Paris Musical


A well known musical scripted from Victor Hugo’s Notre Dame de Paris. Everyone knows the story of Quasimodo and Esmeralda. The first time I watch this musical was in fact through a DVD during music class back in elementary school, so I am very glad that I can finally watch it live in Paris. It is a bit different from those of broadway musicals but still super amazing. The voices of the singers are extraordinary !!  Many of the songs are quite familiar, and some of the audience around me decided to sing a long. It totally worth to watch once ( or twice )!

2. Adopte Un Veuf


A french comedy I watched on my flight. It is a story about a wealthy old man and his 3 flatmates, how they try to change the old man’s boring daily routine by creating many incidents and bring laughters to the house. The bond created between them are so tight and strong. It’s a nice film to watch with friends and family during the holiday season. It makes you laugh, smile, and shed some tears. The french within the film is quite easy to understand,even for intermediate level french learners.

3. The Crown by Netflix


Always loved historical dramas/films,whether it is biopic or fantasy romance. The ones that left a great impressions are  Reign, The other Boleyn girl, Versailles, Queen Margot, The Tudor, King’s Speech. Usually after watching these series, I would start digging into the complicated relations between different personnage in the real history and trying to figure out what are real and what are fabricated. The Crown is very much based on the biography of Queen Elizabeth II. Everyone know the beloved Queen and her public apparences, but few pay attention to her life hidden behind the cameras. The Crown not only portrait how Queen Elizabeth II became a queen but also her private life like the ordinaries.

4. Emmual Pehaud’s Concert

Watched Emmual Pehaud’s flute concert early November in Theatre des Champs Elysees. It was a pure pleasure listening to a talented musician’s flute concert in a Sunday morning.

5. Zaoka – Taiwanese fusion restaurant 


Specialized in Taiwanese Gua Bao. I really like this taiwanese fusion restaurant located near Rue Mouffetard in the 5th arrondissement. Everything here is house-made, from the bun to the plum favored sauce.With each juicy bite, you can feel the heart and the hours of work that the chef had put into making them. Even the plat du jour is worth trying, my personal favorite would be braised meat over rice. They also add some personal touch of taiwanese elements into their dessert. Definitely worth a try!

P.S If you are a heavy eater, you might want to snack up a bit before going to Zaoka~


6. Le Petit Prince Moleskin Planner 

This is my 2nd Moleskin Planner. I do started to record my schedules with my phone  this year but still cannot get rid of the habit of writing things down with a pen on a schedule book. I believe it makes your memory even more clear as you gone through a second exposure. This particular that I choose is the right size ( about the size of my hand), not super thick and quite lovely with some images of little prince. There are also other limited editions or simple plain ones for you to choose from.

Happy early new year. Off to write my new year resolution 🙂 Next post will be on my christmas Egypt trip. Stay tuned.

Photo #1 taken by twentyonepercent21. All others photos are from

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