Beauty Product Review |Some changes in my skin care routine

  1. Eau Précieuse Lotion

    I use it as a toner day and night after cleansing my face. It is said to be effective and efficient on anti-acne. I would have some small acnes occasionally during change of seasons after late nights. With Eau Précieuse, I felt that it provides a second cleanse to my face and to calm and smooth the acnes. There is no hydration effect, so if you would have dry skin, you should apply hydration serum afterwards. This product could be easily purchased at pharmacies in France. Compare to Clinique toner, the price point is super good (below 7 euros).

  2. CeraVe Skin Renewing Night Cream

    Got this product at Bartell Drug store in the states while I was visiting in September. I happened to finish the night cream I brought and day cream that I have is too light for the dry weather. My friend introduced me this cream which I use to every night now. CeraVe is a clinical brand, thus it is suitable for people with all skin types ( even the sensitive ones). Even though it is a cream, the actual texture is not as thick, it is more between lotion and cream -like a very smooth yogurt texture. When I woke up in the morning, I could feel and see from the mirror that the cream is completely absorbed into my skin without creating excess oil. Believe it or not, it is less than 20 USD.

  3.  Yanhee Acne Cream

    Bought this during my Chiang Mai trip in Thailand. This is actually on many people’s must buy thai beauty product list. I was out of my usual acne treatment from Kate Somervile, therefore I decided to try this out as an alternative. I would apply it before sleep on the acne spots and leave it overnight. It dries out the acne. I am satisfy with it so far.

  4. Filorga Time Filer Mat Perfecting Care Cream

    I used this cream between the months of Feb- May as a replacement for my day cream. It was recommended by the specialist in Marionnaud Institute because it is light, mat and has perfectioning function other than just purely hydration cream. It worked well with my skin and did not cause small clogged bumps. However, with its price point I would keep it us an option B to switch it around somedays with my usual day cream.

  5. Clarins Energy Booster 

    This is something new this year from Clarins. There are also two other products in the same collection : Detox and Repair booster. You must not apply it to your skin along. It is said to be mixed with your moisturizer, mask or foundation. I would use 1-2 drops after late nights as it helps with reduce the sign of fatigue.

  6. Apivita Facemask with Sea Lavender

    I received this as a gift from college roomie. For Facial Mask, I usually prefer the sheet ones,  because you would not need to rinse it off afterwards. ( Bad example, you should rinse it off the mask no matter what type, and some bad quality sheet mask has reported to contain optical brighteners. Be wise in choosing your face sheet mask.) Surprisingly, I had been using it habitually. I love the scent- light lavender. The Apivta facemask does give a quick boost in hydrating my skin, and it never causes irritation. Start loving this Greek brand !

    More coming next time,




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