Sawadika Chiang Mai

Another summer getaway trip in August. This time I’m off to Chiang mai, Thailand for  five days four night. Heard a lot of good things about Chiang mai before heading there. Chiang mai located in the northern part of Thailand, it is also the home of hundreds Buddhist temples. It has a complete different vibes from Bangkok, more relax and zen.

We stayed at Veranda High Resort Chiang Mai ( part of Sofitel ). The resort is around 30 mins drive from Chiang Mai city center. Not to worry, the resort provides several time slots of shuttle bus service everyday. Thanks to our globe trotter squad member, we got upgraded to one bedroom villa with plunge pool. The service is good. The staff are  super welcoming and they prepared bamboo baskets with anti – mosquito spray for us to use during the trip. The resort is huge, one can easily spend an entire day chilling without heading out.

We spent our first day in the resort, enjoying our private tub, the infinite pool and walking around the woods. Had dinner in town and bought a bag of mangosteen and dry mango to snack on. Coconut water is a must have for each meal.


On Day 2, we went to Chiang Rai for a day trip mainly to visit Wat Rong Khun ( The White Temple) and Baandam Museum ( picture above). Wat Rong Khum is stunning ! Every piece of the temple is just like an art work. Definitely a good spot for chic touristic photos. Our driver told us, if you walked on the bridge of ” the cycle of rebirth” you should never backup or  turn around to head back to the entrance, because this is the bridge to the gate of heaven. Going back on the “wrong” direction will bring you bad luck. Remember this and go straight ahead 🙂

Baandam Museum (The black house) is actually an art museum. It suppose to represent the opposite of the white temple, which is everything related to hell and dark. You probably can already tell from the color of the architecture. One thing to be alert : these two sites have a break time between morning and afternoon, so make sure you don’t arrive during the gap period.


Thai food is the best ! Coming to Thailand, you cannot miss trying all different type of traditional thai food, dessert, seafood and seasonal fruits in restaurants and night food market.  You could also find Tom yum soup flavored chips in the local 7-11.

During the Chiang Mai city tour, we visited Wat Phra That Doi Suthep (I think I was trying to do a tree pose below) and the Bhubing palace. There are actually more to explore, but we got too little time.


My first even tree house cafe experience happened in Thailand. It rained heavily that day, but it didn’t stop people from coming here. To our surprise, there are not that much of tourist. It was a Saturday and this seems like a place where local people come to hang out with friends and family. Worth to stop by The Giant Chiang Mai, have a coffee and enjoy the quiet moment in the nature.


Last day before heading back, we spend sometime for thai massage and spa at Fah Lanna Spa. Feeling good after some pamper for ourselves. Besides their spa, the rice cracker (different flavored)  they sold at their cafe/ boutique are super yummy.


Last but not least, which you can’t miss out in Chaing mai is the Ristr8to Cafe. They are known for its world wining art latte. I am no coffee expert, but I love their latte and cafe ambiance. It seems very professional. I will leave it to the coffee guru to judge the taste.

Wondering what’s the next destination in Thailand?



One thought on “Sawadika Chiang Mai

  1. Everytime we are in ChiangMai we try to experience a different side to the city. The cafes are indeed vibrant with lots of students and business people mingling abou their day’s work (study or business). Very positive vibes! We’ll be back next year!

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