Rolling in Singapore & JB


Had a super short stay ( 4 days & 4 nights ) in Singapore in August with my bestie. It’s not my first time to Singapore but the last time I was still super little, the only thing I could remember is Merlion, night safari and of course the delicious food.


We stayed at a boutique hotel – wangz hotel outside of the lively touristic area. As you all know, Singapore is not that of a big town. Moving around is not bad at all with public transportation or Uber. Wangz hotel is decorated in contemporary style, simple and chic. There are many art pieces and sculptures inside the hotel. Their lounge area is very nice and comfy as well. What really make an impression in my mind is their services. All the staffs are extremely helpful and friendly. They gave us detailed instructions and printed out itinerary for us on how to get to Johor Bahru, Malaysia to meet up with a friend. Thanks again Kelvin for your help ! In each room, they prepared a phone with local sim card and network for guests to use and navigate around. We also got upgraded to deluxe room. I would highly recommend this hotel if you don’t mind to stay away from the center attraction area. With their excellent service, you would definitely feel like home.

1st stop : Johor Bahru


Non-stop food crawl from noon till the evening. We tried the famous Bak kut teh, Ais Kacang (ABC), Apam balik and more. In between, we had some durian and mangosteen. They are super fresh ! I am not a durian lover but if you ever visit Malaysia, don’t miss out on that.  Our stomach was not satisfied with the amount of food we had so fat, we went on having cocktails for aperitif, thai food for dinner ( where I tried the spiciest green mango salad ever ) and night market street food for late night snacks !

Big thanks to Shuyi for her hospitality and showing us around her hometown ! ❤

2nd stop : Seafood Laksa, botanic garden, Lau pa sat & C’est la vie


Can’t stop my love for you…haha ! My love for seafood laksa started from high school. There was a time I had to go to the same restaurant every week just for this dish. There’s several place you could have laksa in Singapore, we chose  328 Katong Laksa  because of the ratings and reputation. It didn’t fail us ! The laksa soup texture is thick with a sophisticated yet not salty taste. We were super hungry as usually, so we ordered Nasi Lamek to share. Since laksa is quite heavy, you could pair with their lemonade to neutralize the taste.

After lunch, we walked around the area then head to the botanic garden for more walk. Talking some break to digest what we just are and make room for more food ! We picked up some goods at Sephora in the shoppes. I really like the merchandise sections of Sephora Singapore, I found it better than the ones in France, China and Canada. It offers a wide range of mixture between western and asian beauty products.



Cake Spade is a cute and trendy afternoon tea shop to chill and hangout with friends. Do order their signature cakeshakes ! They are not only beautiful but also very instagramable! The one I ordered above is pineapple and coconut flavor .

Had dinner at No signboard seafood restaurant ( Esplanade branch)  for the famous chili crab ! Must order : chili crab, pepper crab, cereal butter prawns and gold friend buns. Remember to bring napkins or else you would need to pay for them. Jumbo is also another good spot for the popular chili crab. Immediately after dinner, we head to Lau Pa Sat for evening snacks- satay. With all these amount of meat , it’s better to drink some freshly made water chestnut juice or barley water that you probably couldn’t find outside of Southeast Asia.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

First time trying Singapore fling on top of Marina Bay Sands – C’est la vie ! Good spot to see the a part of Singapore night view, but it’s kinda of the same effect as if you stand on Eiffel tower to view Paris.

Thanks Isa, Alan and Qiaoning for taking us around ! Love the mini reunion.

3rd stop : China town, Clarke Quay & 28 Hong Kong Street


Woke up late the next day, so we went directly to China town and Maxwell Food Center to fill our food cravings.


One cannot leave Singapore without trying Tiantian Hainanese Chicken Rice ! We ordered half chicken with two side rice.After the first bite, you will feel like you went straight to the food heaven. I don’t think you can ever approve other Hainanese Chicken Rice any more. That’s not it, we also got a plate of Chai tow kway (Friend carrot cake) to try.

We went to shop for souvenir – Pandan cake. It looks a green version of other ordinary chiffon cake but trust me it taste way better. I’m glad I got some for my family ( at first I refuse to bought it) . You can actually find them in some bakery shops in HongKong.

Had dinner around Clarke Quay. I would say it’s a nice but nothing too special, just a very touristic area. Check out our fun video:  HERE


28 Hong Kong street – very cool speakeasy bar hidden in a very quiet street. Apparently, it is one of the 50 best bars around the world. The atmosphere is cozy and relax with a touch of class. The cocktails are simply amazing and living up to its fame. The brussels sprout snack is yum.

Thanks Will for the bar recommendation.

To wrap up our trip, we had Kaya toast with soft-boiled eggs for breakfast before boarding our plane back to Hong Kong.


Written with love and sincere,



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