Food Gems in Paris IV

“Good food is good mood ! “

1 .  Sushi Gourmet

IMG_5175Chirashi Royal

Haven’t had Chirashi for a real long time. Then found this place online, many have said that it is a real authentic Japanese restaurant run by Japanese chef. Therefore I decided to go for a try with friends.  It is located in a rather residential neighborhood. The restaurant itself is quite tiny, if you don’t RSVP in advance you would probably not get a seat. Many people also choose to come and order take aways.

What matters the most for a good Chirashi ?  The ingredients have to be fresh. Sushi Gourmet did a great job on this part. The Chirashi Royal has a wide range of fish selections. It’s a bit huge for a girl, however i would recommend to order one and share between two people.

According to my friends, the skewers and the Unagi (eel) don  are both pretty delicious.

1 Rue de l’Assomption, 75016 Paris

2 .  Septime


I have heard about Septime for quite a while. I remember the last time I wanted to make a reservation there was probably the summer of 2013, and it was fully booked of course. Ever since, there is all these rumors of how difficult it is to get a seat there. Well, in march the time has finally come, with all the great anticipation, we went to septime for lunch during a weekday.


The ambience of the restaurant is very calm and cozy.  There is no need to rush. You would feel that you could totally enjoy the food to its fullest. Maybe we had too much of an expectation, the dishes are good but didn’t bring surprises to our taste buds.




80 Rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris

3  . Restaurant David Toutain

This is my favorite restaurant out of the three I recommended this time. Each course out of the course set was beyond incredible. It was carefully thought, well prepared and gracefully decorated. I usually try to avoid eating the bread, because most of the time it’s quite average and it fills up my stomach quickly. The ones that restaurant DT provided was crust outside and soft inside. After setting this bar, you can then image how good the rest of the food are. Highly recommend this restaurant to whoever in Paris or going to visit Paris. You are gonna love it ❤

29 Rue Surcouf, 75007 Paris



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