Monthly Favorites

April Favorites 2016 II


I know it’s already the end of May, but it’s never too late.

1  . Morning run

Other than routine indoor yoga, I recently found it’s such a joy to run outdoor in the morning. There has been quite some days, the weather was great in Île-de-France. Very refreshing and brought a lot of positive energy for the start of the day. Wish the “winter” weather end soon, so i could make this part of my routine 🙂 .

2  . H&M tops

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 6.00.09 PM

Absolutely love these two tops that I picked up in H&M, very versatile. Well, if you don’t have at least one off shoulder top for this summer, you are definitely missing out things. Didn’t have the occasion to wear it in Paris yet, but worn it during my Malta trip. Easy to mix and match with shorts, trousers and skirts. You could dress down or dress up, just play with it.

3  . Contemporary + Modern  Art

Last month,  I was quite fortunate to be able to visit some art exhbitions with my guide (friend), a super passionate art student, true lover of  contemporary art.

Palais de Tokyo
First time visiting it in two years. It has lots of interactive installations. For someone like me who sometimes had a hard time  understanding Contemporary/ Modern art, I still found this place like a gem. As my friend said, “don’t try to understand the art but rather think of why or in what circumstances the artist had created it“.  Very true, at the end of the day, art is objective.

I highly recommend coming during weekend evenings. It opens till very late and there’s not much people. It is spacious and like an evening playground. It’s a great place for people who needs some inspiration. I can totally picture myself sitting in the cafe bar reading a book and drinking some cocktail.

During our visit, there are exhibitions of Anselm Kiefer , Paul Klee  and Gerard Fromanger. Three very different style of art : Kiefer’s work are mostly quite dark and depressing which describe the aftermath of WWII in Germany with deep meaning; Klee’s works are very cubism and surrealism, more relaxing ; Fromanger specializes in pop art, he uses lots of colors and lines. Walking through them one by one, I felt like going through an emotional roller coaster, swinging from one extreme to the other.

IMG_5500Florence rue d’Orchampt, 1975. Oil on canvas

LVMH Fondation

Last time when i visited, this Frank Gehry – LVMH fondation was still fully white. This time when I visit, there has been a color took over by Daniel Buren –Observatory of Light. I must say I love it more. The fondation was celebrating Chinese Contemporary arts with many art piece from well known Chinese artists. Instead of focusing the form of aesthetics,  many sculptures, paintings, videos have  symbolic meaning  that reflects the current political and social situation of China.

4. Book : Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

jobs-jpg( Source: )

Steve Jobs is indeed a genius, in the sense of his perfectionism, persistence and stubbornness. He has a natural instinct of knowing how things should work. Before reading his biography, what I have picture about him is completely different. I thought he would be just like other people in the IT industry, but a very smart one. Instead, he is a person with great aesthetics, not only shown in how picky he was on furnitures which left him in an almost empty house, the gifts that he picked out for his girl friends but also in the design of Apple products.

“I want it to be as beautiful as possible, even if it’s inside the box. A great carpenter isn’t going to use lousy wood for the back of a cabinet, even though nobody’s going to see it.” 

If you ask what I have learned from this book, it is a list of what not to do in your career especially as a junior. He is definitely a legend but at the same time a bad example as an employee.

– Don’t put on an attitude at work
– Work with others instead of focusing on your own
– Follow the rules and respect work ethics

The reason ? Simple at it is- because you are not Steve Jobs.

5  . Cats Musical


Great show ! This is the first time I realized that sitting in the front row watching a musical made huge difference. Sitting at the back, you can only feel the atmosphere, listen to the singing and watch the movements. However, you missed out many small details. I am totally amazed by the cats’ facial expressions when I notice that they are subtle yet super accurate reflecting emotions in each scene.

till very soon,



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