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Hi guys! Can you believe we are almost half way through 2016? It feels like NYE was just yesterday. Here’s some updates and reflection of what has been going on for the past 5 months.

Plant-Based Diet

So what have I been doing? I have been enjoying my life in NYC, literally life cannot be more fulfilling. First of all, I have switched to plant-based diet for a month now. Well I have been on and off (vegetarian) with the diet for the past 3 months as I’ve been traveling. Now that I’m back in NYC, it’s easier to cook at home. It’s been truly an enjoyable journey as I have been learning new delicious recipes, cooking has become less greasy and complicated as before, and I’ve also been trying vegan dishes in restaurants around the world, which has become a new thing for me when I dine out.

It’s Special

May is a special month for us. My husband and I met,  became officially together, legally married, and adopted Muffin (our beautiful senior cat) all in this month. I am grateful everyday for what I have and honestly cannot be happier in life. I look forward to what our future has to offer.

Wedding Planning

I have been planning my wedding for about a year now. It will be held in July this year and I still don’t think there will ever be an end to the planning. I think sometimes a bride just has to accept the fact that you will never know how the wedding will turn out until the big day. I have a vague picture of how the decoration will be, but if you want me to describe the exact look of how certain thing will look like, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. As it will be an international wedding, you can’t be hands on with most of the details. We were lucky to have done a food/wine tasting last summer. We also visited our florist, met with our photographer, and picked out our furnitures. We even hired a wedding planner to help us with most of the logistics and planning. But in order to be cost efficient, you really need to be hands on with many things. I’m sure the wedding will look whimsical which is what I have envisioned this whole time. Now I just need to pray for my skin, make-up, and hair to look on point, and that I don’t trip while walking down the aisle.

Have a wonderful day!






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