My Tips Against Some Beauty Issues



Wanting to share some of my personal tips against couple common beauty issues, might not be suitable to all skin/hair type. Not a professional, so if you really have serious issues, definitely seek advice from your dermatologist.



>  Toner is a must ! 

Toner is an important step in my daily skin care routine. I know some of you might skip this step thinking of that it is useless since it basically repeat the prior and later steps. It is indeed extremely essential. It re-cleans your skin, minimize the open pores,  and lock up the moisturize. Many people would also use it with cotton pads as facial masks. Never skip this step !

Unless you skin condition is very dry, other wise I would recommend using water based toner instead of lotion based.


> Moisturized Lips without fine lines

First you need to exfoliate your lips , I use fresh lip sugar polish for that purpose. or you can DIY with brown sugar and olive oil. Then you should use moisturize chapstick all the time when you feel like your lips are dry. And during the night you could apply thick layer of lip balm as a overnight lip mask.  The body shop and Kiehl’s both have quite good ones. There are also some actual lip mask by some Korean cosmetics, for example: Etude House Cherry Lip Gel Patch . Could give that a try too. Don’t lick your lips when it’s dry, it will only get worse.

Another important note : when you remove your makeup, be sure not to leave out your lips. Otherwise the color will sink into your lips.


> Rescue dry and damaged hair with spilt ends

I have a time period where I tried so many different things with my hair, dyed to different colors, perm, straighten it afterwards, bangs and so on. Evidently, my hair went from normal type to dry and damaged hair within two years. Since I stop doing chemical harms to my hair, the situation has gotten better. No more unbrushable ends ( loving Tangle Tweezer brush ), but then I still need to pay a lot of attention to dry spilt ends.

First of all, don’t use two in one shampoos if you could.

Second, find the right type of shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. Now I only use clinical shampoo brands, for the moment I am using Klorane Shampoo with Citrus Pulp ( Tired different brands before, this seems to work the best, of course there is also other nice brands I haven’t tried yet like Leonor Greyl)  because I wash my hair very frequently and have an oily type scalp; with Klorane Conditioning Balm with flax fiber  . Do not hesitate to apply more than the given instructions if you feel like it, and leave it in for awhile before you wash it away.

At last, I would apply leave in conditioner 0r hair oil at the spilt ends before blow drying my hair. I am currently using Alterna Haircare Carviar Anti-aging replenishing  moisture milk that I got from Sephora. It does its job and leaves a nice smell. Sabon has a nice hair serum as well.


> Goodbye dry arms and legs 

This is only applicable for people who lives in places with low humidity. 

I am not prone to dry weather since I was born in a place super humid. To avoid itchiness and scaly skin due to dryness, applying body lotion occasionally is not enough.

In Winter, I would either use Lush body conditioner or after-shower body oil for the first layer of hydration. Then I would apply body cream as the second layer. It has to be cream texture. Strictly follow it as a daily routine.

In Summer, usually there would only be one layer of body milk. However make sure you message it into you skin and never skip it after shower.



> Avoid dark spot at the back of your heels 

I am totally a flat lover, could wear it all season when the degrees are above zero. It is usually super comfy. There are also downsides to it, sometimes its scratches your skin when they are still new and leave dark marks with time. You might even bleed if its really bad. These things you can’t really predict when you try your shoes at the store for less than 5 minutes. Therefore, I had to use bandages  at the back and side of my feet. Sometimes it works well, sometimes it fell off.

Fortunately, I found Compeed in a pharmacy last year.  It works much better.



All photos (except cover photo) are from the search of google images.

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