Monthly Favorites

March Favorites 2016 II

march favs

  1. 好好: Good Dried Mushrooms &  Bananas


Currently my favorite snacks. I found these at a slow-living inspired restaurant near my mom’s place in Taichung ,Taiwan. When I was living with my mom, we frequented the restaurant at least twice a week. We love the ambience and decor, it just makes us feel so relaxed. Back to the dried food, there is a section in this restaurant that sells food and local produce that they work with. Usually they are from local sustainable farms. Since I have always been looking for snacks that are natural, healthy and tasty, I was trilled when I came across these. DELICIOUS!

2. Thoughtfulness: Card From My Best Friend


I love sending cards or letters to my beloved friends and family, I also like to receive them. It’s always heart warming to receive them, because it means they are thinking of you 🙂 I got this card from one of my best friends, whom I adore dearly.

3. 4 nights in SingaporeIMG_4821

I treated myself a girls’ trip with my best friend to Singapore. We decided to meet up in Singapore because it was close for both of us to travel to, it was definitely one of the best trips ever! We wanted this trip to be relaxing yet wild. The trip basically consists of good food, a ton of alcohol, dancing and fun memories. Singapore is great for small trips, I would say 4-5 days would be enough. Go dine at Stellar at 1 – Altitude, the food and the view are absolutely exceptional.

4. Cat Café: The Company of Catscat cafe

I adore this place with a passion. Located on the second floor of a building in Chinatown. There are plenty of cats to play and hang out with, the price is reasonable for Singapore standard, and the interior is minimalistic and relaxing. I always wanted to visit a cat café ever since I saw one on a Japanese TV show. As a catlover I didn’t hesitate when my cousin suggested to go. I was surprised how not shy the cats were. Jackson Galaxy actually visited this place a couple weeks before my visit. If you want to spend some quality time with a bunch of friendly munchkins, definitely come check it out.

5. Sanrio: Reusable Straws and Travel Silverware Seteco friendly

Whenever I’m back in Taiwan, I always have to head to the Sanrio store in the nearest mall. The store is a fairyland in itself, everything is in pastel colors and pink. They sell a bunch of cute little items that are usually useless, but I’m always drawn to them lol. When I saw the reusable straws I immediately sparked. I had been looking for them for ages, but couldn’t find them anywhere except for the metal ones, which I found them unattractive. These straws are both cute, durable, and of course eco-friendly. They come in Hello Kitty and Melody, I liked the Melody better. The Snoopy silverware set is so adorable that I had to buy it.

Until next month!





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