Visiting Switzerland III


This would be my third visit to Switzerland within 6 months. We went to visit our friends in Zurich, but most importantly we went up to Mount Pilatus. The view was magnificent. You have no idea how cold that day was, but it didn’t stop us from walking around and taking stunning pictures.

IMG_4772A panoramic view is a must 

Mount Pilatus is actually closer to Lucern. You could either take the railway or cable cars/gondola to get up to the top of Mount Pilatus. If you decide to go up with cable car, then it is a better idea to buy the package including round trip cable car and a fondue meal.

Even in Spring, you will need to wear your thick jacket, gloves, scarfs and make sure you have your boots on (that are anti-slippery). It was a super beautiful day but still it is quite windy on up there.

IMG_4788View from the top


IMG_4777Cheese Fondue 

After all the cold we endured, we finally went in for the “famous” swiss Cheese Fondue. Very stuffing, we felt like we could then walk for another 2 hours.

IMG_4833Lake Zurich



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