Monthly Favorites

March Favorites 2016


1 .  The revenantthe-revenant-2015-after-credits-hq

Well, the hit of the month is actually Zootopia , a disney film that is not just simply a cartoon but rather deep and ironic stores that reflect the modern society. That’s  definitely on my To-watch list. Nevertheless, I would highly recommend people to watch The Revenant. True that it is a long, tragic, and typical heroic ( Leo never dies despite all the things he had been through) American film, but it does a really god job in describing the stories in scenes. You really sense all the subtle emotions.


2.  Furla Metropolis bag

This is actually the result of my impulse purchase. I’m glad it turn out to be good. For years, I’m obsessed with big bags that you can put lots of things in it. Now I think about it, I don’t know why would I wanted to carry these much not useful things to the street. The Furla Metropolis has the perfect size which you can carry all the essentials : phone, wallet, key, transportation pass, lipstick, chapstick and a small pack of Kleenex. It is light too. Love the combination of color ( red, black & white) very much. It helps to add a little pop to the dark outfits i had to wear to keep me warm in Paris.


3.  Yogi tea detoxIMG_5290.jpg

It’s good to drink a cup of warm water after you wake up each morning. Aside of the warm water, I also drink a cup of yogi detox tea. I have tried several different detox tea, and I think this particular one has the perfect taste I want : Not to heavy, mild.


4.  Keep app (or Nike Training Club)

This is an app I used everyday besides the ones for social networking. It is an app for work out basically like Nike Training Club. The only reason I used this instead the Nike one is because I wasn’t able to find that in the France Apple store.  You can customize your own work out schedule based on your goals. The instructional videos are very detailed and thorough. Absolutely love it.  Unfortunately, it is only available in Chinese. You could go for Nike Training Club  instead. Winter is already over and summer is just couple months away, don’t wait and start moving now.


5. Nature & DécouvertesIMG_5265.JPG

Can’t believe I just discovered this store this weekend. it is a concept store for travel, home, garden, well-being and children toys. I always enjoy walking in these stores, where you would find all types of amazing products that enhances your living quality.  One day when I have my own place, I would come and get all the products I have been longing for.


* Bonus *

Maison de Victor Hugo IMG_5271.JPG

If you ever visit Le Marais area in Paris, don’t miss out the house of Victor Hugo. The apartment is nicely decorated.
Spring is here < 3


All rights reserved.  The revenant, Keep & Nike Training Club photos are from the internet.

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