Food Gems in Paris II

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  One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. 
– Virginia Woolf

1 . Ober MammaIMG_4591.JPG

Went to this restaurant with two friends during lunch hour. Although it’s a weekday, the restaurant is already fully packed before noon. There are no reservations, therefore if you would like to avoid waiting in queue, the best thing is to go early. Food serving are quite slow during peak hours, so don’t go with a super hungry stomach.

I really like how they spilt the spacious area into two different beautiful parts. One that is fairly modern and trendy, with big windows that takes advantage of the daylights, uses white as the main tone. It is also where you could find the eye-catching, fascinating bar. The other part is rather cozy and warm with wooden decoration next to the open kitchen.


From little things such as this Majolica style ceramic plate, you can tell that they put a lot of heart into creating the authentic Italian feel. I always adore these little details. All of the ingredients are also freshly imported from Italy.

IMG_4579Stracciatella Fondante Fumee and Jambon Culatello

Both of them are real good choice. I really like the soft, light creamy texture of Stracciatella Fondante Fumee. Even a non-cheese lover could find this delightful.

IMG_4581La Fameuse Pate a la Truffe

If you are a truffle and creamy texture lover, don’t miss out . When you start tasting it,it has a mixture of the melting sauce and chewing pate, very interesting and toothsome.

IMG_4584The other side of the dessert menu

Planning to try out the other restaurant of the group –East mamma sometime.

107 Boulevard Richard Lenoir, 75011 Paris


2 . Le Comptoir de GastronomieIMG_4588

This is my second favorite restaurant that specializes in foie gras, the first one is Au Petit Sud Ouest. Unlike the latter one, Le Comptoir de Gastronomie has a much variety of dish options.  The restaurant has a very friendly and comfy ambience, great for small groups of friends or family gathering.


If you would like to purchase some of their house-made products, they have a store right next to the restaurant.

34 Rue Montmartre, 75001 Paris


3 . Hélène DarrozeIMG_4858

Many of us heard of Hélène Darroze through Top chef French edition, where she was one of the judges for season 6 and 7. She was also the named the world’s best female chef in mid June last year. With great anticipation, we finally came to her restaurant for lunch. The interior decoration is very much classic and the staffs are extraordinarily welcoming.

FullSizeRender (8)Huître, caviar d’Aquitaine, haricot maïs du Béarn

This is one of her signature dishes. Both the texture and taste are incredible. It comes with a complex of layers in mouth : chewy, soft , jelly and smooth.

IMG_4862Focaccia, Black Ham from Bigorre, fennel
Foie gras, black truffle from Périgord

Hake, shellfish, squid, fenouil, “ttoro”


All three main dishes are decorated proportionally with style, giving a sense of aesthetics and increasing people’s appetite.  The Hake tastes great. The pigeon has the right amount of pink. The scallops are prepared perfectly with tandoori spice.

Pigeon, foie gras, bertroot, bloody orange, molé

After the last round of dessert, we left with full happy stomachs. I really liked this restaurant, worth to revisit. It also has a well designed menu set for business occasions.

4 Rue d’Assas, 75006 Paris

Le Comptoir de Gastronomie photo credits to: z_zfreak

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