Glampacking: Tips & Essentials


What is glampacking? 

Generally glampacking is traveling with a backpack in a glamor stylish way and with a more generous budget.


Waiting for the train to arrive 🙂



NYC JFK > Lisbon (Transit in Madrid) > Adelboden > Zurich > Becej > Belgrade > Milan

How long?

15 days


Never in a million year would I think of traveling with only a backpack and a carry-on to Europe as I always overpack. I booked all the accommodations without thinking of the accessibility (most of the apartment buildings in Europe are without an elevator,) and this time we also stayed at a wellness resort in Switzerland that required us to switch trains and take a bus in order to get there by public transportation. Since we would be staying in an apartment in Lisbon and Milan, and also be using public transportation in Switzerland, I thought it would be easier for us to travel with a backpack (we checked-in our backpacks) and a carry-on each (we had our heels and handbags in here,) which worked out wonderfully. Backpacking trips can actually be stylish and chic!



Gear & essentials:

  1. Montbell: Cha Cha Pack 45L (I carried 10-15 kg without any problem… check out my what to pack post)
  2. Sea To Summit: Preimum stretch knit sleeping bag liner (for my stay at apartments)
  3. Sea To Summit: Aeros ultralight pillow – regular (hygienic!)
  4. Muji: Garment mesh bags (perfect for packing and categorizing your stuff in your backpack)
  5. Lightweight quick-dry cotton towel (this is a must)
  6. Silicon foldable water bottle (can’t live without my bottle while traveling)
  7. Organic oatmeal bars (in case you wake up super early and feeling hungry due to jet lag)
  8. Small umbrella or hat (it rained while we were in Milan and my hat came handy)
  9. Travel adapter
  10. Lifetrons: Portable luggage scale (stay within checked baggage weight limit, though it’s hard to go overweight when using a backpack.)

Drinks at Armani Bamboo Bar in Milan


  1. Bring clothes and shoes that are versatile: neutral colors, white shirts, black pants etc.
  2. Bring different lip color to switch up your looks.
  3. Little black dress + low or mid heels are major musts if you are planning to go to places with a dress code, fine-dining restaurants, night out.
  4. Always bring an extra foldable bag in case you decide to store some stuff at the airport locker or the baggage storage service. We actually left our carry-on luggage at the storage service in Zurich airport before heading to our hotel in the Alps.
  5. Definitely use a cross-body handbag, so much easier while walking with your backpack and your carry-on luggage.
  6. Check the weather before you go so you know what to pack for outfits.

Our backpacks and carry-on luggages…there were 3 of us





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