All Roads Lead to Rome

IMG_3946.JPGTrevi Fountain 

Robert Di Niro has once said, ” Italy has changed. But Rome is Rome “. Nothing super glamorous, everything is very subtle yet nourished with great roman history.

Compare to Paris, Rome is a smaller city and fairly walkable. Historic sites scattered in different parts of the city. You can hardly get lost in the city where signs are clear and full of tourists all year around.


We were super lucky that the weather is extremely sunny during our 2.5 days visit. This gives us the mood to stay a bit longer in the Colosseum, to embrace the imagination of what this would be like nearly 2000 years ago.

Interior of Colosseum 

After all these centuries, the main part of the structure still stands firmly. Above is the view you could see if you were equestrians back in 70 A.D. First level is for senators. The hypogeum (basement) of the center stage is not only used as storage for props and cages for gladiators and animals before they start the game; but also used to execute stage effects.

If you need some help with your imagination, the movie Gladiator  will give you full sense of the glory days of the Colosseum and the Roman Empire.

Around Spanish steps 
IMG_4546.JPGVatican City


Don’t miss out the freshly made pasta while you are in Rome, especially Carbonara style.

Altare della Patria at Piazza Venezia

Some desserts for your evening, you would longing to visit this city after these two films :
Roman Holiday 
Da Vinci Code 

All rights reserved. Vatican photo credit to Winny.W



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