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February Favorites 2016 I


1. Le Petit Prince 2016 Agenda by Moleskine


At the beginning of each year,  I have the habit of buying a new agenda ( schedule book) for the year. Despite the evolving technology in our lives, I still prefer right things down than noting it on my phone. It really comes handy.
In the past, I have purchased various of agendas, from the more fun and colorful ones with my favorite disney characters : Winnie the Pooh & Stitch, to Muji simplistic style. Well, you prefer simple items when you grow older.

FullSizeRender (6).jpg

When i decided to re-purchase the Muji agenda for 2016, it was sold out unfortunately. Luckily instead I saw this Le Petit Prince theme agenda in a Moleskine store. It has the perfect size where you can put into your little purse. In terms of the inner page design, it is weekly bases, with one side for schedule the other side for notes.

2. Biotherm Skin Best Serum in Cream


Usually 2 in 1 products are something I would possibly try to avoid. This Biotherm Serum in Cream I picked up in January in Sephora by mistaken it as  a solely youth-protecting serum. With surprise, it worked really well on my face, smooth and serum like texture make it much easier to be absorbed.  It brought more radiant and slowly transform your skin to flawless tone. Now it is part of my daily morning routine !

3. Pariani Pistachio Spread


This was bought during my trip in Italy. Other than Matcha, I think Pistachio is one of the flavor that can mix with any type of sweet snacks ( and strawberry). The texture is a bit like the famous Nutella, not creamy but thick with intense flavor. Good match with toast. Give it a try, Pistachio lovers ❤

4. Volez, Voguez, Voyager – Louis Vuitton Exhibition 


Simply a great exhibition, from the arrangement, the product pieces, to the cultural experience.  It retraces and illustrates Vuittons’ journey from the start till now and how its creation and design of luggages revolved for travel through horse carriage, car, plane and yacht.


5. Hermès Behapi Double Tour Bracelet 

FullSizeRender (5).jpg

Absolutely love this reversible leather bracelet.  I have a small wrist, bracelets tend to slide and some times fall off,  thus not a huge fan of wearing bracelets. This Behapi Double Tour bracelet comes with PM that is perfectly for small wrist. With its narrow leather strap, it would not make your wrist seems even tinier . I also like the slightly thinner metal buckle compare to other styles in Hermès collection. Since it is reversible, usually the color of one side is more subtle and the color of the other side is brighter.  Suitable for work and after work 😛



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