What to pack for winter glampacking trip: Portugal + Switzerland + Serbia + Italy


☃ Season + Month: Winter/ February

☀︎ Weather: Europe is generally cold in February, but this year it’s surprisingly warm. The weather is beautiful in Lisbon, it’s mild and sunny,  however it is quite humid (7~16ºC.) Adelboden occasionally snows and mostly sunny (-5~ 3ºC.) Zurich is cold and gloomy. It rained while we were there for 1 day ( 2 ~ 9ºC.) Becej, Novi Sad and Belgrade are cold but pleasant, it also rains from time to time ( 5 ~ 15ºC.) Milan drizzles throughout the day (5 ~ 17ºC.)


We did glampacking for this trip because we had to change trains and catch buses in order to reach Adelboden, so we thought it would be much easier to use a backpack and a small carry-on luggage each. Glampacking in my definition means travel glamorously with a backpack. I will write a post about it. Since I only used a backpack and a carry-on, I could no longer bring as many things as I would usually bring in 2 large suitcases. I got a 45L Montbell backpack for birthday last year and it worked perfectly for this 15-day trip.


✈︎ Lisbon, Adelboden, Zurich, Becej, Novi Sad, Belgrade, Milan

Stylish wear

  1. Gloves
  2. Knitted hat
  3. Fur scarf
  4. Bikinis (for heated outdoor pool at our Adelboden hotel)
  5. Coat x 2 (wear 1)
  6. Lightweight foldable medium bag
  7. Two-piece tweed skirt suits
  8. Two-piece wool vested pant suits
  9. Dress x 2
  10. White shirt x 3 (wear 1)
  11. Turtleneck sweater x 2
  12. Blazer
  13. Jeans x 2
  14. Thermal layer
  15. Shoes x 5 (cold-weather short boots- wear on the plane, booties, heels, flats, flip flops)
  16. Long pajama set
  17. Sunglasses
  18. Bag x2 (1 cross body, 1 tote)



  1. Book
  2. Light-weight laptop
  3. Undies
  4. Skincare & makeup
  5. Travel size toiletries
  6. Camera
  7. Hair curler



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