Visiting Switzerland II


Continuing the Switzerland trip from Lavaux to Northern part, trains are extremely convenient within the country. Get your tickets, hop on a train, pick a window seat and quietly enjoy the scenery.  If you think that you have seen all the best of Switzerland by only visiting the Lake Geneva region, you are missing out a big time.


12011391_10156016689470548_6206635005517287343_nDying Lion, Lucerne 

Lucerne is a very beautiful town, in fact I have been to this place before. The name did not ring a bell until I see the stunning Chapel Bridge. I would say the best time to visit Lucerne is early fall, when most of the leaves are still green and some has started to turn yellow. The variety of color make this town more fairly tale like.


12036926_10156016692085548_8961339216514223384_nKapellbrücke – Chapel Bridge 

12003194_10156016691875548_4647758475668251007_nView from Hotel Chateau Guestsch

Basel has a different vibe than Lucerne. Other than the famous Art Basel Exhibition. It is indeed more artistic, with many modern and creative architectures.  At the same time, there are also buildings that are more than 700 years old. My favorite would be the basel town hall with vibrant fresco paintings dominating by red sandstone exterior.

12011255_10156020093555548_465731212487522420_nBasel Town Hall



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