Classic Winter Activities in Beijing


Winter has been quite harsh in Beijing this year. The extreme cold weather didn’t leave much choices for winter activities. Skiing is unavoidable the top choice for winter outdoor activities, and the second choice must be skating. Every year during winter period, some of the largest park in Beijing will open up its lake as ice rinks.

Don’t be surprise ! Instead of Skating, you would see quite a lot of people sitting on some sort of “vehicles” or ” chairs” on ice. The Chair sled is a traditional activity in most of the Northern cities and villages in China. Back in the days, people would use wood to make their own chair.


Make sure to try out this winter activity in a sunny day.  Avoid all sorts of windy day if possible. Wear gloves and helmets !

IMG_3552.JPGChair Sled

It’s not difficult to do Chair sledding, you will need to use the two sticks to push your chair forward. However to master it, for instance, making a perfect turn, will require a bit of skills. Practice makes perfect ! Go more often, perhaps visit different parks each time.

IMG_3539Ice Bike

It was my first time riding an ice bike. As you could see, it has no much difference with ride a normal bike, except missing the front wheel.

Enjoy the ice wonderland !



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