A Perfect Day at Home


What’s it like staying at home all day during holiday? Boring? Got nothing to do? Spend half of your day in bed? Well, the following could be a good reference to lighten up your stay at home day. My bestie – Brenda is an expert in this area, let’s take a closer look in her everyday life.


A well prepared and satisfying breakfast is essential to your stay at home day. Some protein, some fruit and some tea. Start your day with full energy.



Reading is always a good thing to do when you are bored, so does learning a new language. I usually compile my book list based on people’s recommendation.  Brenda’s favorite writer : Alain De Botton, which she bought his entire collection. Some of the best ones : Essays in Love, The Art of Travel ( I love this book as well ) and  The Architecture of Happiness.  From the novels I read during 2015, I recommend All The Lights We Cannot See.

For more inspirations, you could follow Mike Zuckerburg’s A year of Book.



Homemade vegetarian meal + soup = the best combination. Never go for delivery food during your day off, when you have time to prepare an actual delightful meal. Make sure to get all your ingredients fresh on the same day.



A simple for two afternoon tea while friend is visiting. The green tea is incredibly tasty, it was bought in Japan. I think you could find some substitution in Muji 🙂



Time for some door to door Manicure. If you have no interest in Manicure, there are other options such as body and foot massage, facial, name it. If there isn’t any services like this in your city, try DIY. It’s never a bad thing to invest some time in yourself.



To all foodies, happiness is indulging yourself with good food and wine.



Brenda is also an activist on social media. She had a wechat public channel ( ID: bananatalks) where she shares interesting stories and fun ways to memorize GRE vocabularies. She also has an instagram account ( ID: todaywhatsin) where she shares everyday goodies with her left hand. Every night she dedicates sometime to edit her post and pictures.

This is just one of Brenda’s stay at home day. Every now and then she discovers some new interest and passion. Life is beautiful. So to speak, there is no way you are going to be bored at home.

( All pictures provided by Miss Brenda )



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