Winter Skincare Favorites

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  1. SKII Facial Treatment Essence

The other common name for this essence is the SK II “Miracle Essence Water”. Before trying it, I  have heard of different comments regarding the essence. Some said it is truly miracle, it helps to brighten up the skin, reduce yellowness and even up the skin tone ; others said you would become addicted, and once you stop using it, your skin condition will go back to square one.

As a facial treatment essence, it is quite moisturize and does not contain alcohol smell. After using it for more than 2 consecutive weeks,  I do see some changes in the skin where it became clearer, more brightening and healthier. Another good choice for toner.


    2.  La Roche-Posay Eye Cream

The eye cream is a light gel like texture, very hydrating. As it stated on the packaging, it doesn’t help with dark circle. Comparing to many other more expensive eye cream that doesn’t really do the work, this eye cream could do the base job of keeping your under eye skin hydrated and diminish fine lines.

   3. Max Factor Brigthening Tonal Black Volumising Mascara

This mascara is actually intended for people who has hazel nut eye color. If you had a more dark brownish eye color like me, you could still use it as a eye brightening tool.

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     4. Heroine Make (Kiss Me) Long & Curl Mascara -Super Film

I used to use Heroine Make’s waterproof long & Curl Mascara, it was a super good one, after applying it , it leaves you a luscious-looking long eyelashes that leaves each lash clear and separate. It does’t leave a clumpy mess. However, it is too waterproof that it took huge amount of time and effort to remove it. Luckily, now it has this mascara, where you can easily rinse it off with warm water. At the same time it won’t melt in other conditions: such as humid weather, rubbing eyes…etc

     5. Berrisom Animal Masks

Super cute animal mask, more moisturize than the  SNP mask. Must have item in a girl’s sleep over party.


 6. Mentholatun Sarafit UV Smooth Watery Essence SPF50+/PA++++

Highly recommend this product ! Picked it up on a rush in SaSa store for my Cambodia trip. It was quite a surprise that it turned out to very great. According to my friends and family, my skin did not get too dark or tan after my trip, this helps a lot. Unlike many other sunscreens, which are either too oily or too dry, Sarafit perfectly stands in between. Easy to apply, light weighted, easily absorb by the skin. It’s good for both face and body. A product that is worth to restock 🙂

Stay fresh and warm this winter,



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