Winter Routine 2016

morning routine


On weekdays we  wake up early- 6 or 7am. My day starts with cuddling with my hubby and my sweetie-pie cat Muffin. I make breakfast on weekdays and hubby makes on weekends. I like to start with the drinks (coffee for him, hot chocolate or tea for me.) Our breakfast consists of toasts with our favorite spreads and fruits… nothing crazy. On weekends I always crave Bob’s Red Mill organic whole grain pancakes, and my lovely hubby makes them for us with fruit toppings and honey. We chat and catch up with the world while having breakfast, which lasts for around 20-30 minutes.

We start getting ready after breakfast. I pack lunch for him just right before he leaves for work. After he leaves for work, I check my agenda to see my to do list for the day. I put on some relaxing jazz music and lounge around the house, feed the cat, clean the litter box, check my emails, catch up with my mom/business partner (time difference)  in the morning as my creativity doesn’t fully function before noon.



I start preparing for lunch at 11:30am. I like to have something light such as chicken noodle soup with veggies or leftovers from dinner. After lunch, I make myself a big mug of hot tea (chamomile, earl grey, or english breakfast,) and start working on my brand’s campaign and social media contents. I get the best lighting for photos during this time. I go to the gym twice a week at around mid-afternoon for 30-45 minutes. I go back to take a shower after the gym and continue working or run errands – totally feel energized every time I go, but I always have to drag myself to go…. what’s new? Sometime I go to a cafe to work, I like to get inspirations by being out. I start preparing for dinner at around 5:30-6pm, if I have yoga that night, I would prepare something fast and eat early.

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Hubby and I eat dinner early. On weekends we tend to eat out once or twice, either for late brunch or dinner, but we mostly cook at home. After relaxing and catching up with a glass of wine or two, we start getting ready to sleep or we watch a movie before bed.  I end my night with a cup of tea. I drink a lot of tea in winter.


Stay tuned for my beauty routine!

Have a beautiful day xxx



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