The last trip of 2015


Angkor Wat 

My last trip of 2015 was pretty much a spontaneous decision. It turned out to be a  remarkable one. My 4 days trip destination is Siem Reap, Cambodia. Winter was just the right season to visit : dry season and to escape coldness. It is very exotic like other South East Asia countries. We tried to watch the sun rise in Angkor Wat, unfortunately that day was too cloudy and we missed it. If you plan to visit Siem Reap for around 3 days, it would be wise to place this on the schedule of the first day , so you would still have 2 more chances if the weather wasn’t good on the first day.


Ta Prohm

Quite some walk and a bit hiking. Wear some comfortable and walkable shoes. Bring sunscreen and sun glasses to avoid sun burn since you would spend hours outdoor wandering between the ruins. You could even imagine that you are being in the real life version of Temple run.


Banteay Srei

The decorative carvings on the architectures are very detailed and complicated. Sometimes we were wondering how could people build such huge temples without the help of modern machines back then.


Kompong Phluk

Nice little ride on the canal hidden in the woods.  There were a lot of tourist the day visit, so there were some traffic jam moments. It’s great to visit this area ( including the floating village) in the afternoon because we end up watching sunset out in the river.


It is quite common to see tree roots growing over the ruins in Siem Reap.


Angkor Thom


The Night market is pretty much the place where we spent our evenings + nights. It is packed with tourist and very lively during the night, especially in the bars.  The local dishes in Khmer Kitchen Restaurant are quite delicious and authentic , must try deep friend eggplant !

Don’t forget to drink lots of fresh coconut juice 🙂 It’s good for hydration.



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