Absorbing this Japanese style ( sort of) zen and peace in Djurgarden, Stockholm. Best place for a 45 minutes yoga? 

“Everyone shouldgo once to the Scandinavia land. Breath taking magnificent view, unforgettable journey,  from nature to culture. And surprisingly delicious food ”
Hundreds of pictures were taken during the trip, the following pictures that I would like to share might not be the best ones but would definitely give you a grasp of Summer in Scandinavia .


Supermarket in the Nordiska Museet . Let’s put everything in the cart.


You would not except such a nice wooden church-Maihaugen literally locate inside some woods in quite random location. The architecture to me resonates some southeast Asia, Thai style. Unexpected. 


Cable trains that brought people up the hill..only one rail in most of the journey..need to be super precise on the timing where two different direction cables pass by each other.


Lovely colorful houses in Bryggen. There was also a lovely fish market around the corner on the other side. Still  can remember fresh and delicious blue lobster I had 


The view you could see from there -> speechless


At one of the hallway in Thorvaldsens museum, Denmark. The highlight of the hallway was not captured, at the other end of the hallway, the ceiling is a marble blue sky with shining stars. 


If I were to give a title to this photo, it will be “The old man and the sea” . Taken at Stockholm


The famous Amsterdam lookalike Copenhagen Nyhavn


On the way to Oslo, the scenery change drastically from summer to winter. It is quite nice to sit in the warm train cart with a book or hot chocolate and look out the window.



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