Fall Favorites: Top 3 Skin Care Products


Ever since moving to NYC, having a clear skin has been a constant struggle. The weather is mostly very dry and the air pollution here isn’t helping either. Learning from past experiences, fall weather can be quite unforgiving. The transition from summer to fall involves countless moisturizer applications throughout the day, and changing from light texture lotion to extra moisturizing serum and face cream. The new regimen could be helpful, but it can also trigger breakouts on acne-prone skin. To tackle the transition, I also did some research on the new products that I was going to try this fall, I wanted them to be more natural, environment friendly, and cruelty-free… Not all the products I am using right now are all of the above (still got some previously purchased items and don’t want to waste them.) However, from this season forward, I have taken a stance on being more conscious toward what I use.


This toner is actually my most recent purchase from Sabon as I’d just run out. Literally the best toner I have ever used. It doesn’t dry out the skin unlike many other ones that I’d used. I immediate fell in love with the scent and the incredible feeling that it leaves the skin after applying. I like to massage my face with it after cleansing, It hydrates and softens the skin instantly.  This Israeli brand is my new-found favorite. There actually is a store near my place in NYC where I stumbled upon one day. I like how they use glass bottles and jars for most of their products from skin care to home fragrances and even better that they recycle them. They use natural ingredients and according to their website they do not test their products on animals.


Durance is a skin care and fragrance brand from France made with natural ingredients. I have tried many of their products and especially love their lavender collection. This face moisturizer is not only extremely soothing and hydrating, but also calming. I bought this in Paris as their stores and products can be hard to find sometimes. Lavender is great for acne-prone skin, as it contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that are perfect for acne treatment. I use it during the day as the texture is light but still moisturizing. This does not contain SPF, so make sure you put on foundation or moisturizer that contains UV protection…very important even in fall/winter. According to their website, they are cruelty-free and their products have a minimal content of 95% natural ingredients.


This review is for all coconut oil out there.  My recent discovery of the use of coconut on our skin and hair has taken me on an incredible journey. I’ve always heard a ton of good things about it, but had never got a chance to experiment with it beside cooking. There are many many good things to name for this wondrous commodity, but the fact that I could use it as an alternative for shaving cream has honestly made my life 100000 times better. I like how it is not greasy, and does not give me any razor burn. The most amazing part is that it leaves my skin moisturized and smelling good.



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