My brunch places in Paris #1


“ Tell me what you eat,
and I will tell you who you are. ”

Jean Antheime Brillat- Savarin

#1 Colorova Patisserie


I really love this brunch place. The interior design and layout is quite different. I would say it has some mexicain style over there. The brunch set menu was very filling, the food was great and the pastries are even better. Even if you are not coming for brunch, should definitely come and try one of these above.


#2 Le dome du Marais



Nicely decorated courtyards, perfect place for afternoon tea as well as brunch. Great location for mingles  or girl chats. Every dish are delicious and very delicate. The last dessert just add a perfect ending to the meal.


#3 Au Petit Sud-Ouest


This is definitely one of my favorite restaurant in Paris, well, it is quite tourist but as a foie gras lover, this is the place to go. Every time I go, I can’t resist to start eating immediately when the dish are ready on the table. As you could see, the only photo I captured once the appetizers. If you are coming with more than 2 people, I would suggest to have  the ” 3 ways to eat foie gras ” platter, where you can try the pan-fried, fresh and half cooked foie gras. Instead of going for the usual “confit”duck, highly recommend the  duck breast. It is way beyond your imagination.

#4 Egg&co



You can find typical american breakfast place in this  cozy and special restaurant. All possible breakfast combination with eggs, my favorite would be the egg Benedict, you could never go wrong with this.

#5 Carette



Carette is located in the touristic district near Eiffel tower. On a early Sunday morning, it is always filled with people, friends, families and couples. Great place to start feel the atmosphere of Paris and start the day in a Parisian way. Croissant aux amandes is a must !



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