Summer Happiness


Summer is my favorite season, as it usually means it’s time to hit the beach! Let me explain.  Summer starts with my birthday in mid-June, then it’s the endless chill-out sessions on rooftop bars in NYC, then it’s our family vacation to beach destinations, then it’s the endless tanning sessions by the pool or the beach, then it’s the spa appointments, then it’s the abundance of fresh coconuts and good food… LOVE!

Sooooooo I had just came back from a family trip to Europe- Nice, Barcelona, and Paris. Even though it was my first time visiting Nice and Barcelona, and had only stayed in both city for 2 nights each, I had a very fulfilling time! The trip started with a 14 hour flight from Taipei to Paris CDG, then a 5 hour layover in CDG before a short flight to Nice. It wasn’t too bad to have a break in between, because luckily there was a Ladurée Cafe in the terminal for us to freshen up with a cup of hot chocolate and coffee. My first sight of Nice was a memorable one. Beautiful architectures sitting on the Mediterranean landscape made the back pains and swollen feet from the traveling all worth it. After settling down in our lovely hotel (I will post the details in my next post), we went straight to the beach to embrace the breeze and ocean scent.  The air was filled with anticipation and excitement. I knew wonderful memories were going to be made.


For those who asked about Muffin, just want to thank you for your concerns and wishes. She is doing and looking fantastic. It’s been 2 months since we adopted her, and it’s been 2 wonderful and joyful months. She’s just so easy going and sweet, definitely a great addition to our family.

Until next time!



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