Muffin Makes You Happy


Meow~ It’s Muffin time! So it’s been a week since Muffin came to stay with us. She was great for the first couple of days eating, playing, being a sweetheart she is, though she was having a “cat cold,” sneezing quite a bit due to the stress she got from settling in new environment. Two nights ago we noticed her rather abnormal tiredness and behavior (she seemed to be in discomfort.) Yesterday morning I took her to a vet in our area. Since she had had urinary track infection in April, the doctor suggested her to do some exams. Muffin ended up getting an X-ray, urine culture, blood glucose, and urinalysis test done. Fortunately, her X-ray, blood glucose, and urinalysis turned out to be fine, now we are just waiting for the urine culture results which will be delivered on Monday.

Muffin has been feeling much better since she woke up this morning , she’s got her energy back, and hasn’t shown any sign of discomfort. She is on antibiotics now, the doctor gave her a week-long dose. Her medication seems to be working. We are also switching her food to Hill’s Prescription Diet C/D Urinary Care.

cat3Muffin loves to be with mommy




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