Exciting News

螢幕截圖 2015-05-14 11.13.38

My fiancé and I are big animal lovers. Over the past couple of years, we had been visiting shelters and attending their weekend events to see those adorable animals for adoption. We hoped to one day adopt one of our own.

Living in a studio in New York is quite challenging to own a pet, as the space is quite limited, and we hate it when the space is cluttered. We didn’t want to rush into getting a pet when we weren’t sure how we were going to live comfortably with him/her.

After doing a ton of research on how to decorate a feline friendly and chic interior for a small apartment, and finding out the possibilities, we were finally ready to adopt a cat for my birthday this year. We came across K9Kastle ( and their cats while they were hosting their weekly event at Unleashed Upper East Side. (K9Kastle is a not-for-profit animal rescue group in New York, they have weekly events in Manhattan and Brooklyn.) Even though we fell in love with the cats they had at the event, we wanted to see their other cats on their website before making any decision. I saw this beautiful Russian Blue mix 8 year-old cat on their website, and was eager to meet her (I’ve always had a special love for Russian Blue because my mom has one at home and he’s just the sweetest!!!) We met her the following weekend and immediately fell in love with her (how can you not?) and decided to adopt her.


So the exciting news is that the volunteer will be dropping Muffin (we named her Muffin) off at our place this afternoon!!! We wanted to wait to get her stuff ready and situated before bringing her home, the K9Kastle staff were very understanding and helpful.




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