Get Ready Before Spring Comes

As you all know, it’s nearly the end of march and its time to ready for spring 🙂 So as usual I went on a mini shopping spree for my skin care + make up products ( Thanks to the special discounts that Sephora was offering) last month.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 12.57.59 AM

The Nine products you saw above was a combination of things I brought over the past 3 months and have been using them since then. Ans most of them are european brand as well, ever since I start living in France , the Asian beauty products I have used in my routine has gone  from 50% to 5%. What a drastic change ! The good side is that I am able to explore and try many new products from new brands. * I don’t really encourage frequent switch between skin care products though, be wise and choose the ones that are suitable for your skin type. But always have 1-2 substitutes in mind in case you aren’t accessible to your favorite product.

1) GUERLAIN Liquid Eyeliner

To be honest, the main reason I bought this is because of the packaging. Very elegant! I wasn’t expecting too much out of this product since many pretty products do not function well. But it turn out to be quite okay. The liquid eyeliner dry instantly so you will not turn into panda eyes when you rub your eyes.

2) La Roche Posay LIPIKAR Body Milk

Specializing in Anti dryness. Love the texture, very suitable for sensitive skin. Bought it in the pharmacy while there was discount for 2 bottles pack. I have always been fond of Dermo-cosmetic. After being exposed to the brand, I am actually willing to try more of their products. Wait for my updates !

3) Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase

Serum oil texture, not oily though. Once you apply it on your skin, it will blend in quite fast. It definitely improved hydration in my skin, but would i say it’s better than the Chantecaille Vital essence serum I used before? Since I have only been suing this new serum for 3 weeks, I would say they are about the same. I would still prefer the lighter texture of the latter.

4) SAMPAR H2O Emergency Mask

Recommended by my Korean classmate who has flawless skin. I didn’t know this brand before, however with my 100% trust towards my skin expert friend, I decided to give it a try. Instead of paper mask, the mask has jelly texture like the famous snail mask from IT’s Skin- Prestige Masque d’escargot. It does a good job in moisturizing. While looking into the price point, I would prefer applying a thick layer of Laneige Water Sleeping Mask instead.

5) Mixa Baby Extra Rich Moisturize for Face & Body

Well, it’s a cold cream for baby. When its safe for baby, it usually implies that the ingredients or formuler are paraben free and alchohol free = great for sensitive skin. 100ml small packaging makes it travel size and easier to carry around. It is also for both face & body, therefore you can pack one instead two things to your cosmetic bag.

6) GUERLAIN Super Aqua eye serum

No, I did not finish the Dr. Brant Dark Circle away. I think I got a bit annoyed with the brown tint color it has. It could have been a pre concealer to apply it on in the morning, but it never worked out well. So here comes the new serum. Again beautiful bottle + light texture+ hydration, exactly what I’m looking for. I don’t believe that dark circle could either be reduced or lightened solely by using eye serum. So eye serum or eye cream is just an supplementary 🙂

7) CHANTECAILLE Just tinted Moisturizer

Smooth lightweight version of BB cream. Great for people who dislike the thickness of foundation texture but still want to even up complexion or cover up imperfection. Must have !

8) CHANEL Rouge Allure #99

Love the rouge. Can use it with or without make up.  🙂

9) Too Faced Bullet Proof Brows – Brunette

Adore ! The right color to match dark brown-blackish hair.

Till next time !




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