Valentines Weekend in London- Foodies Style

So here’s my long over due blog about my London trip. But since the Valentines Day is coming up, I might just twist it a bit and make it a romantic valentines weekend reference- London Style.

Feb 13th Friday


It’s the usual London weather again. Your 9-5 office work wasn’t too busy and you are just waiting for the client to confirm the last set of layout for their advertorial in next month’s issue. Love is in the air, it is the kind of day where everyone just want to get off on time and go have a lovely dinner. Though it is not Valentines yet, the office was flooded with all the rose deliveries , literally there’s just two colors, either RED or PINK.

photo credits :

And of course, you received this little surprise – beautiful bouquet by TTHBlooms (Yes, it managed to get to your desk all across the ocean). What’s better than this? Flower bouquet with love coming from Taylor Tomassi Hill’s flower shop, the fashionista who formerly works in the fashion industry.

Good taste?- Yes he does have one

8pm @Dishroom

photo credits:

Friday night at your favorite indian restaurant in town. The ambiance was great and the food are absolutely delicious. The three must order dish: SPICY LAMB CHOPS, CHICKEN BERRY BRITANNIA and CHICKEN RUBY. Don’t miss out the signature drink –ROSE & CARDAMOM LASSI. While waiting for the table, don’t forget to grab a drink from the bar 🙂

Feb 14th Saturday 

6pm @ home

So here’s the V day. What to wear is always a big thing. Let’s look at couple of our suggestions :

8pm @ Gavin’s Window

11pm @ Living room – Cozy movie night

# Sliver linings Playbook
# Five Hundred days of summer
# Cray, stupid, Love

Feb 15th Sunday

12:30 pm @  Sketch  for afternoon tea

Happy Valentines ❤

From 21% 


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