Moisturize Up- My Way to Defeat The Cold, Dry Winter

Unlike other places that I lived, France is really really dry during the winter. The kind of dry that you will feel itch on your skin, skin peeling, sore throat and non stop coughing. So I had to once again abandon all my loves and start to discover some new skin care products.
I totally fell in love with NUXE “Rive de Miel” product line, exactly what is needed for this dry season. I seldom use cream, hated the sticky and oiliness; but now I use cream for both day and night since gel is not moisturize  enough.
say no to dry
Please keep in mind that most of the products are good for super dry weather only. If you are living a place with wet weather, it might not be suitable for you. For your reference, my skin type is combination with a bit sensitive on the cheeks.
1) NUXE Rive de Miel Day Cream 
It has a light honey smell.
2) NUXE Rive de Miel Facial and Body Wash
Bought it in October, its half finished by now. It leaves moisturize after cleansing, i really like it. However my friend thought that the cleanser is not strong enough ( she has combination to oily skin, and living in humid Hong Kong)
3) NUXE Rive de Miel Body Lotion 
Great texture, easy to apply! However, in terms of price point, you could go get Nivea body lotion or Vaseline with almost the same kind of benefits.
4) NUXE Rive de Miel Night Cream
Can’t really tell the difference between day and night cream since it has the same texture and color. The night cream works quite well to keep my skin away from dryness even with the heater on.
5) NUXE Huile Prodigieuse
Body oil after shower -> MUST ! Or else my arms or legs would get quite dry,usually I will use it after shower with wet skin and dry it out with towel, then apply body lotion. This particular product is alright, nothing special. I have already substitute it with Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil when it’s done. My other favorite is the almond oil from L’occitane which I mentioned before.
6) Dr. Brandt Dark Circles Away 
If you can’t go to bed before 10:30 pm, you will probably need an eye cream that has anti -dark circle function. I could have panda eyes easily, so that’s why lead to my purchase of this eye lotion pen. There’s slightly progress of my dark circle situation after using it for couple weeks. Not quite sure if it’s super effective or not since I rarely sleep before midnight those days.
Besides using skincare products that cater the dry and cold weather, 1) Drink more water  and 2) getting a humidifier will also help !
Let your skin glow in the winter as well 🙂



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