Best Purchases of 2014

best purchase

It’s almost the end of the year and it comes to the time for some reviews. I’m sure you have all made lots of purchases through out 2014, but what’s your best purchased of the year? The one item that beats the rest, stands out alone, brings you joy and happiness, and worth the money you spent ! Let’s hear some of the best purchased from the co-founders of 21% and their friends.

“I’m not a technical person, but my best purchased of 2014 will be dedicated to my MacBook Air 13″ that i got recently. It’s great to have a laptop that’s so light and runs smooth and fast. Time to rest for my 5 years old pro ! Because of all that, it just beat my Serpenti cross body and become the #1.”- Titinia

“Vera and Michelle Pajamas !!! Comfy and chic, definitely the best purchased of my year. “- Michelle

“Moncler jacket ! It goes best with body uniqlo warmer, a perfect match to save you from the cold winter.”- Martina 

“The personal fitness training i bought !  It forces me to go to gym regularly which leaves me a healthy and fit body. “- Dongzi

” Brazil World Cup tickets !!! The tickets were brought for the semi-final game. What makes it the best purchase is not the game itself but the whole trip that leads me to a wonderful adventure in the americas. “- Robin

“My audi car ! No more bus rides to work!!”-Lily

“My C200I ?!” -Brenda 

“Plane, train tickets that allow me to travel to tibet this summer and all other wonderful places. “- Cyvia

“Tiger rice cooker! Super easy to use and always give me the perfect cooked rice I want. ” -FF 

“Xiaomi Hezi !! Now I can watch all the drama series on my TV 🙂 feeling satisfied. ” -Emma

“My Ferragamo watch i bought for myself on my birthday ! very chic and nice ! “- LQ

“Absolutely the Toyota 86 GT Sports Car”-Keneith 

” My facial treatment at the Face Spa! Love ! Relaxing and save my face from all the breakouts due to work pressure and imbalance schedule.”- Janice 

“Jay Chou’s concert..umm..yeah “-Wilson

Seems like Cars are the best purchases of 2014.

Happy new year! xoxo




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