Heyyy all! this is not going to be a regular blog post that 21% usually posts. I want to dedicate this to my excitement toward 2015. It is still Jan 1st in Europe (Serbia to be precise), and I’ve just finished packing for my trip to Paris tomorrow…

and I am still having a food coma from all the holiday food feast since 2pm, which I’m not complaining.  ANYWAYSSS, I am just super excited about 2015 and what it will bring! All the excitement and positivity have filled up my spirit that I just can’t wait to make things happen!

1. Vera & Michelle is a sleepwear and loungewear brand situation that I started last May. I designed the styles with my tailors, and hand-picked all the fabrics, buttons, materials that are used for the products. For more info please go to the official site ( This is like my baby that I care about so much. There are so many sleepless nights and effort that I put into it. This year I would like to continue the growth and success of this brand, and for me to do so i want to be more open-minded toward suggestions and ideas that people offer. Change in attitude is always the first step.

2. To throw it out there, I have been going to this yoga and sports club for the past 10 months…. unreligiously! 2015 will be the year I start going for at least 3 times a week or work out in my own time at least 5 times a week. Because I travel so much, it is hard for me to keep up with the schedule… anyhow, I am going to do some kind of exercise even if its a set of sit-ups or an hour power-walk around the malls.

3. Read more and lie on the beach more!!!!




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