I <3 Amsterdam- got to be back again

One of the european cities I felt warm welcomed, convenient and almost wanted to stay and live there. Went there during November, the weather was a bit chill but still warmer than the northern part of France. I could feel the bustling, buoyant and exciting night life of Amsterdam at the very moment I step out of the train station.


Thanks to my dear friend, the hotel we booked was situated right in the center of everything. 1st thing after dropping of our luggages -red light district. Since it was a weekend, It’s totally packed with tourists. Perfect walk after dinner 🙂



Besides the well known “facts”, there’s also lots of interesting stores around the side walk. For instance this Hangover information center, might save you from an awful morning.


After all the craziness, you might as well get some food on your way back to the hotel. So here we are, lining up for Fries 🙂

10731153_10154774263330548_4671687088012860299_n (1)


Must have ! Super delicious 🙂



Amsterdam has a different view during the day. Just like any other cities with canals, Amsterdam seems clam and quiet in the daylight. If the night bring out the evil side of this beautiful city, it is an angelic like city that is laid back and full of culture in the day. Most of the buildings around the river or sightly tilted, perhaps 10-15 degree, to prevent the damaging of surface when people move stuff up and down through the hook.



You could bike around the town or even ride on a tricycle 🙂 if you are a foodie and a dim sum lover, you can’t miss this so called BEST DIMSUM PLACE IN EUROPE ! Their crispy fried washed taro root with meat and chicken feet is da best!! even better than lots of dim sum places in Hong Kong 🙂


After filling up your stomach, it’s time for a touristic picture in front of I amsterdam and visiting the museum of Van Gogh.

10409454_10154779785990548_8830850750300403796_n (1)

 10426089_10154779062610548_2659617795199468888_n (1)

Till next time Amsterdam !


(photo credits : Isa & my phone 5s)


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