10 Can’t Miss at the Meow Meow Land- Turkey

Besides Hagia Sophia and the blue mosque in Istanbul, Turkey or the world known turkish bath. Below are a list of things you shouldn’t miss :

#1 Riding a Hot Air Balloon 


You could do that in quite some places of Turkey ; Cappadocia would be the most famous one. Despite the fact that you had to get up at 4am in the morning, it’s totally worth it when u saw hundreds of colorful hot air balloon in the sky.  Time files when I was up there, which I really hope it could freeze at this stunning moment and go on forever. Another off my bucket list

My ride was very smooth in terms of taking off and landing. The pilot was great and the afterwards champaign toast is a plus !

I rode with Butterfly Balloons but there are also plenty of other choices.

#2 Getting wet at Pamukkale


The actual view is way beautiful than my picture. It’s not snow nor cotton!! The blueish color pools are in fact hot springs. Don’t hesitate to step in and get wet. I was there on a rainy day, so walking bare foot ( you had to) on these slippery lime stones was super tough. Though, it didn’t bother me too much and I still managed to get lots of photos.

You could get to Pamukkale by buses ( run by Metro, Pamukkale..etc) ; and get to this site by a 3TL shuttle ride.

#3 Visiting the Ancient City- Efes 


Having a tour guide will be quite useful in completing the city ruins with your imagination. ( or learns some history before you go). You will be amazed by how structured was the ancient greek-roman society system .

#4 Glanzing the Turkish Carpet   



It might take up to 7+ months for just one regular size of handmade silk carpet ! It’s just purely art.

#5 Going to a Turkish Pottery Show Room


Yes, its  handmade carefully.

#6  Having Real Kebab + Ayran (Turkish Salty Yogurt)



Not those food truck style Kebab you see in every other places in the world.

#7 Owning Some Magnificent Jewelries 


You would see many Jewelry stores Turkey, and especially in their Grand Bazaar . All sorts of jewelries made of ruby, turquoise,sliver and etc. There are also many Byzantine style earrings, necklaces and bracelets. You will only regret when you didn’t purchase any.

#8 Buying a Turkish Ice Cream

(image source from google)

Just enjoy their trick 🙂

#9 Photo shooting at Urgup 



It’s in one of the stops in Cappadocia red tour. With its unique landscape and natural rocks , a perfect place for crazy group photos, still pictures or creative selfies. Then you will start thinking maybe a change of profile pic or cover photo?

#10 Taking Pictures of Meow Meow


Cats are everywhere in Turkey. It’s hard not to pay attention to them.

xoxo till next time,



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