Heaven above, Hangzhou below (I)

Went to HangZhou and ShaoXing in Mainland during Easter Holiday, apart of the beautiful scenery, as always their  food  amazed me 🙂 . Highly recommend the place we stayed in Shaoxing, DaYuKaiYuan, it was resort renovated from a renowned water village by Da Yu’s family.



It was a super cozy place. Every guest will have their own little house, some even with a back yard or a court inside. Although the resort was nearly full, you would hardly see a crowd of people because this village is huge. It’s definitely a great place for photo taken.


Their service was great and pleasant. If you lived in the deep heart of the village or have quite some luggages with you, they provide golf cart services to take you between places in the resort.



There’s a canal in the resort, where guests could take Wu Peng boat to tour around. Love everything about the resort, from the bath tub to their breakfast ( because they have fresh seasonal asparagus ). If are living in a stress and high density place, you would enjoy the peace and quiet here. The only con would be the humidity, not a good place to stay if you are traveling with elders.


(To be continued…)



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