Beauty Products To Love- Giorgio Armani Beauty

I am a make-up person. I love beauty products that do a flawless job. I have been using Giorgio Armani products for some time now. Their lipsticks and lip glosses are my daily go-to lip products. I wear them everyday.

Other products such as their Maestro Foundation and Bronze All-Over Palette are also my all time favorites. You can wear them from day to night. You can apply them light and effortlessly or wear them heavy for a date-night look. Below are my favorite products of Giorgio Armani’s beauty products:


1. Maestro Foundation

This is quite a magical invention. You only need 2-3 drops of this light-weight formula to apply evenly onto your face. Reasons to love: not greasy, good coverage, long-wear

Maestro Foundation


2. Bronze All- Over Palette

I love a good bronzed-up look.  I can do bronze from summer to winter. Giorgio Armani’s bronzer  just happens to be another beauty product of theirs that I love.  What I love about it is the perfect glow that it gives out. Reasons to love: perfect glow, rich tone, natural-look

bronzer armani

3. Rouge D’Armani Lipstick

No matter which color you pick, you can’t go wrong. I love the texture and how moisturizing it is of this lipstick line. I love how well it goes on my lips after I apply a thin layer of Laura Mercier’ s lip conditioner called Flawless Skin Lip Silk.  The color is rich, and the tons are appealing on our lips. Reasons to love: silk-like texture, hydrating, easy-wear colors.


4. Lip Maestro

Just like how it’s described on their official website. It has this extraordinary velvet texture and matte finish. Unlike other lip glosses that are greasy and sticky, lip maestro is perfect for a charming and seductive look. Reasons to love: matte texture, not greasy, plumping.

lip gloss


Michelle L.



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