Top 3 Fav Skincare of the Month

It has been quite some time since my last post. To avoid feeling hungry at night, I decide to start my 1st post of 2014 on beauty reviews. I pretty much switched every product on my daily routine besides my all time favorite Kate Somerville moisturizer and laneige water sleeping pack. Lots of product I used before are too rich for my skin, since hk is pretty humid all year along. And those very rich cream could not properly absorb, which cause quite some acnes on my face. 😦
So yeah, my Top 3 favorite skin care product in my new daily routine would be:
top 3 fav of the month

1. Fresh Soy Cleanser

Very mild, so thats good for sensitive skin. It won’t leave your skin with this tight and dry feeling after cleansing.

2. Chantecaille Vital Essence

It is a face and eye serum, so basically you can put it all over your face. Not sure about the anti-aging effect, but it does keep my skin moisturize and away for allergy. I usually just use it at night before applying my night moisturizer. The texture is sort of jelly like gel, so it’s not too heavy on skin.

3. Clarins UV Plus Ecran Multi-Protection SPF 40

Love it. Very light and not oily. I used to use Chantecaille’s sunscreen protection, but I figure it would be too much if I used it in hk, it would have clog my pores and create this oiliness on my face. Where this sunscreen from Clarins is perfect for everyday use and help to block out UV pollution. Not sure how well sunscreen works on computer radiation, but since I had to sit in front of the computer and stare at the monitor all day long at work. I do feel the urge to apply sunscreen every day 🙂





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