Magnificent view I got here on a Saturday morning. ( My Friday night was pretty rough, where I accidentally pour a glass of water into my laptop keyboard. I immediately turn the laptop upside down and try to get all the water out, and next thing cover it with rice. BUT rice is not the best thing to do. My laptop was finally working the next day, because the bottom aluminum cover was taken apart to dry out all the water in it. ) So having to seat in this great spot in Wooloomooloo and enjoying girl’s talk with my cousin is super refreshing ! 10/10 for the view !


Really nice interior decoration and it brought this ambiance that I could almost believe I’m chilling in a nice restaurant in America/Europe ! Not much people while I was taking this picture, but it was packed when we left.


All sorts of liquors, I could see it turned to a live bar at night!

The breads on the top left conner is amazing. I’m always 40% full after eating the bread before the meal. Crispy out and soft inside with olive oil and vinegar= you want to finish the whole plate!


Creamy and tasty broccoli soup with bread crumbs

The sirloin steak was nice and juicy.


Love this fresh big oysters, reminds me of Seattle !

3 course holiday brunch @ $ 195 HKD



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