Christmas Gift Ideas for Her II

Christmas Gift Ideas for Her II
These idea Chrsitmas gifts might not be the best gift for your perfect her but any girls would say its a TDF gift.  However, undeniably any gift that was carefully  chosen by the giver with full hearted is valuable and deserve to cherish.

Burberry Checked Cashmere Scarf -Never go wrong christmas/winter gift. The Classic Burberry Checked Cashmere scarf with christmas tomato-red color, soft and comfy, why not having one in winter? ($534 USD)

Lulu Frost swarovski crystal necklace– The first time I saw Lulu Frost’s necklace is its collection with J.crew. It can easily matches with different tops and sweaters. This particular one has a vintage touch with the matte gold and Swarovski crystal. ($648.34 USD)

Eve Lom face cleanser-Big name as the ” best cleanser ever”, she sure wants to have her skin smooth as silk ? Buy it for her. ( $209.01 USD)

Chanel J12 Moonphase-The very classic white J12 with this extra moon calendar. If you love the stars, you would love the moon and this watch.

Céline Solo Trio Cosmetic pouch in Suede-Suede is the best friend of any winter fashion accessories. Suede+ Céline trio cosmetic pouch ? Me want.


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