Titinia’s Christmas Wishlist

Titinia's Christmas Wish List
Above is my Christmas Wishlist ! Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, all the pretty light decors out in the street, family and friends gathering and opening gifts that had been put under the christmas tree for quite a while. Well, most of the items have nothing to do with Christmas, since they are on my all time wish list, I’ll just move it to my Christmas one. May all the wishes come true.

Pierre Hermé Macarons -I think I have only ate once. Every time I am craving for Macarons ,I ended up walked into Ladurée before I can see any Pierre Hermé stores. But honestly, macarons from both brands are as delicious as you could imagine. Christmas isn’t perfect without any desserts or sweets.

Leaders Clinic Mask Collection– My skin is in a horrible stage right now. So I would be really grateful to receive a pack of masks to rescue it. The masks from Leaders Clinic are great, especially for adding more moisturize into your skin.

Emoi Green Plants– Perfect size of green plants to put on our office desk or dinning table or even balcony. Ever after my cactus died on my desk, I have no desire to grow any more plants. But this thing is just too cute.

Air Purification Machine– I need this !! This is actually on my to-buy list! My nose became so sensitive after I settled back in HK. and I constantly sneezing every morning. The machine could actually fix the problem according to my friend and you could sleep tight and wake up light. Highly recommend to anyone who suffers from rhinitis.

3D Christmas Card– Not the ordinary ones! It has to be 3D. It a joy to open these cards.

The White pepper Unicorn Pink Clutch– Absolutely adorable ! Fell in love on first sight !


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